Package org.apache.axis

Interface Summary
AxisServiceConfig If a Java class which acts as the target for an Axis service implements this interface, it may convey metadata about its configuration to the Axis engine.
Chain A Handler that executes a 'chain' of child handlers in order.
EngineConfiguration EngineConfiguration is an interface that the Message Flow subsystem provides so that engine configuration can be provided in a pluggable way.
EngineConfigurationFactory EngineConfigurationFactory is an interface used to construct concrete EngineConfiguration instances.
Handler An AXIS handler.
HandlerIterationStrategy Base interface for doing an action to Handlers with a MessageContext.
Part A part of a MIME message.
WSDDEngineConfiguration Extends EngineConfiguration interface to provide hook to internal WSDD deployment info.

Class Summary
AxisEngine An AxisEngine is the base class for AxisClient and AxisServer.
AxisProperties Configuration properties for AXIS.
AxisServiceConfigImpl A simple implementation of AxisServiceConfig.
FaultableHandler A FaultableHandler is essentially a wrapper for any other Handler which provides flexible fault handling semantics.
Message A complete SOAP (and/or XML-RPC, eventually) message.
MessageContext A MessageContext is the Axis implementation of the javax SOAPMessageContext class, and is core to message processing in handlers and other parts of the system.
SimpleChain A Simple Chain is a 'composite' Handler in that it aggregates a collection of Handlers and also acts as a Handler which delegates its operations to the collection.
SimpleTargetedChain A SimpleTargetedChain has a request handler, a pivot handler, and a response handler (any of which may themselves be chains).
SOAPPart The SOAPPart provides access to the root part of the Message which contains the envelope.
Version Little utility to get the version and build date of the axis.jar.

Exception Summary
AxisFault An exception which maps cleanly to a SOAP fault.
ConfigurationException ConfigurationException is thrown when an error occurs trying to use an EngineConfiguration.
InternalException Encapsulates exceptions for "should never occur" situations.
NoEndPointException An exception to indicate that there is no end point.

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