Class SimpleAuthorizationHandler

  extended byorg.apache.axis.handlers.BasicHandler
      extended byorg.apache.axis.handlers.SimpleAuthorizationHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SimpleAuthorizationHandler
extends BasicHandler

Just a simple Authorization Handler to see if the user specified in the Bag in the MessageContext is allowed to preform this action. Look at the allowedRoles handler parameter to determine if user has rights to access the service The allowByDefault handler parameter can be used to authorize all users if the parameter is set to true and the allowedRoles access control list is not specified. Replace this with your 'real' Authorization code.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void invoke(MessageContext msgContext)
          Authorize the user and targetService from the msgContext
 void onFault(MessageContext msgContext)
          Nothing to undo
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleAuthorizationHandler()
Method Detail


public void invoke(MessageContext msgContext)
            throws AxisFault
Authorize the user and targetService from the msgContext

msgContext - the MessageContext to process with this Handler.
AxisFault - if the handler encounters an error


public void onFault(MessageContext msgContext)
Nothing to undo

Specified by:
onFault in interface Handler
onFault in class BasicHandler

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