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Packages that use Call

Uses of Call in org.apache.axis.client

Methods in org.apache.axis.client that return Call
 Call Stub._createCall()
          Creates a call from the service.
 Call Stub._getCall()
          Returns last Call object associated with this stub.
 Call Service.getCall()
          Deprecated. please use Stub._getCall
 Call AxisClientProxy.getCall()
          Returns the current call.
 Call AdminClient.getCall()
          External access to our Call

Methods in org.apache.axis.client with parameters of type Call
 void Transport.setupMessageContext(MessageContext context, Call message, AxisEngine engine)
 void Transport.setupMessageContextImpl(MessageContext context, Call message, AxisEngine engine)
 void Stub.extractAttachments(Call call)
          Extract attachments

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